It’s a little difficult for me to put words to Bianka and Scott’s wedding day. It was so rich with love and pure joy that I’m not sure words can do it justice. I watched as they took their first look at each other with family and dear friends by their sides. As they played cards and sipped coffee at a cafe. As Bianka drew Queen of Hearts first up. As they wandered, laughed and kissed their way around the homestead gardens. As they walked down the aisle, hand-in-hand to embrace their future together. As family and friends embraced them with the fiercest warm hugs.

What I can say for sure is that I was lucky to document this day and tell their story. To spend time with these two beautiful souls and their friends and family. To be witness to the special love they share. In their own words: A love for two lifetimes. 

It’s not often I’ve cried at a wedding ceremony (or during a first look, or during speeches, or while editing photos). Sure, we all get misty eyed sometimes… but on this day? My heart was so damn full it overflowed. Right down my cheeks. And I let it, as I took these photos with a huge smile on my face.