Missing in action

This week was Polaroid Week. A chance for polaroiders from all over the world get loved up about their favorite medium, shoot like it's not going out of print, and enjoy watching others do the same. It's a celebration of all things polaroid, and I missed most of it. Halfway through the week, work caught up with me.


It didn't stop me shooting, but I didn't get a chance to join in much or watch everyone's wonderful work as it was posted. After submitting a couple of shots early in the week (see above), I jumped on a plane and watched from afar.


I just spent a little time going through all the polaroids people took this week, here is a little showcase featuring some of the wonderful submissions that totally blew me away...


{left to right}

1. me 2. the object of my affection:: 04 3. untitled 4. yesterday//365: it was beautiful 5. self on thursday 6. second skin 7. SX-70_94 8. bike ride 9. growing roots 10. Track 6a

{please note, the above photos belong to the artist identified in each link above}

I hope the week has been treating you nice!