a sunrise and a sunset

This morning I dragged myself out of bed at 4am at the invitation of some insane, lovelyfriends. I grumbled and cursed and shivered from the chill while I drove under the stars and pitch black sky to our meeting point. We all piled into the car with blurry eyes and a craving for caffeine, and slowly became more animated as we chased the coming dawn up the coast.

We arrived at the perfect headland to watch the sun rise, with just minutes to spare. All of us jumped out of the car enthusiastically collecting the light all around us, cameras snapping away. After burning through a pack of polaroids, I stood on the rocks while the golden light washed over me, and the sound of the waves soothed my soul. I closed my eyes but could still see the warm red glow of the rising sun through my eyelids, and feel the warmth spreading over my skin. Shadows of gulls passed over, silently welcoming the new day.


After a yummy breakfast and a stroll along the boardwalk we made our way home, stopping off at the strawberry fields to pick some fresh berries.


With piles of juicy strawberries we piled back into the car, only to be distracted by the pub and amusement park across the highway. Welcome to Aussie World.


After a Ferris wheel ride, a savage roller coaster trip, spinning, ducking, twirling and some motion sickness, I found out that I'm extremely terrible at miniature golf.

We finally left the coast and headed home for Brisbane, all tired and adventured out. This evening we stood on the roof and watched a spectacular sunset over the city. I couldn't help myself, and pulled out the camera to collect the last of the fading light as it was reflected in the pool.


That was my Sunday, I hope you had a wonderful one too.