inspiration from the unexpected

I have a camera collection that's growing out of control, I carry at least one (ok, three) of them around with me all the time, I take self portraits in bathroom mirrors, I photograph everyday moments, I wander the streets in search of the invisible. I am not alone.

Many people share my passion for photography and cameras, I'm inspired by them every day. But I never expected to be inspired in the same way by Sammy Davis, Jr. I recently picked up a book called Photo, it's a collection of images shot by Sammy throughout his life. He was a collector of cameras, he photographed everyday moments, he made his friends the subjects of his passion. He took dorky self portraits in bathroom mirrors.

His everyday moments were more extraordinary than mine, and his friends a little more famous. Sammy lived in another era, with a different lifestyle and background, but it seems we were both motivated by the same thing that makes me pick up my camera every day.

I was delighted and inspired by this book, and because sharing is caring, here is a little peek at Photo,
by Sammy Davis, Jr