a long lost place

I had good intentions this holiday. There were all these things on my list that I was absolutely going to do. Rain Forest hikes, trips to my favorite beach, surfing, planting a vegetable garden, photography adventures... all things that aren't as much fun in non. Stop. Torrential. Rain.

So I find myself here instead, sorting through endless piles of old polaroids, scanning, and finally putting them into some kind of order. It's been nice revisiting all these old shots, somehow they've ceased to be a daunting organizational task, and become a trip through a pile of light filled memories. I've even managed to update my etsy shop with some new 5x5 prints!

Finding these shots made my heart ache a little. You know that home sickness ache? It's been too long since I walked on that sand, felt the salty breeze on my skin, and listened to those waves whispering to me. Maybe I romanticise it, in fact... I'm sure I do. But regardless, that spot right there remains one of my favorite places in this great big world of ours.