a boy and a seal

I was going to call this post "unlikely friends", but you know what? It's not unlikely at all, just something you don't see everyday. Boys love puppies, puppies love boys, and seals are the puppies of the sea. That makes perfect sense to me.

On Saturday I went to the aquarium with a lovely friend, I had grand plans of being 5-years-old for a day, and capturing wonderful fishy images... Somehow I came back with more portraits of people than fish. We watched this seal play with kids all afternoon, it was enchanted with anyone tiny, especially these little boys.

I watched people discover amazing things, with the soft light of luminescent tanks making their faces glow with more than just a smiles. Until now, I'd never thought of these places as a people watching opportunity, but it's perfect really. People are so wrapped up in what they're looking at, they barely notice when you snap a shot of them in the dark.

And this closet Marine Biologist now has an annual pass, so I get to be 5-years-old for a whole day, again and again and again...