what inspires me

thanks to the lovely Victoria, 300 bloggers have got together to speak about what inspires them. it's been amazing reading all the participating blogs, and now it's my turn.

I started writing about what inspires me in general, but had I continued we'd be here forever. how about what inspires me to press the shutter button?


the land I live in

there's a feeling in the air here, it's elusive, and really quite hard to define, but I'll never stop trying to capture it on film.


the wonder of nature

the touch of fur friends on my fingertips, my love of all things from the ocean, and watching people stop to wonder at the world they live in and all it's tiny details.


the best of friends

a best friend who believes in me, who continues to show me the world through her eyes and who inspires me to be better.


the people around me

some standing in front of me, others in faraway lands. either way, I'm surrounded by wonderful, creative friends and it's pretty damn inspiring.


the camera in my hand

the weight, the sound of the shutter, the presence and character of these old cameras is something that will have me picking them up again and again.


the film I shoot

there's nothing like pressing the button on a polaroid camera, and having people crowd around to excitedly watch the image appear in that little frame. film, both instant and not, has a special soul that keeps me going back for more.


the places I travel to

close to home or across the oceans. there's nothing quite as exciting as a new place to explore.


the quiet moments

it's those peaceful times when I'm alone in a light filled room, or watching the sun fade from the sky, that the urge to pick up a camera takes hold. unknowingly, till now I guess, I've always tried to capture the quiet times, the times I need most. when my mind is still, and all I can hear is the buzz of cicadas, rain on the roof or the beating of my own heart. the times when the only thought in my mind is "this", the now.

be sure to visit with the rest of today's bloggers, and tomorrow, check in with the lovely one pearl button who is following on from me.