A sunday to remember

Just a couple of shots I snapped with my phone on the weekend... Sometimes it's nice to leave the heavy film cameras on a shelf to focus on the moment at hand.

This Sunday we took off to the mountains for a Mother's Day adventure with the family. Mt Glorious is only a short drive from our place in the city, and it's a damn shame I've never been there before. We cooked a big breakfast of bacon, eggs and tomatoes over the fire, and enjoyed some quality time together in the fresh mountain air. 

After breakfast we went for a long walk, following trails through the rainforest and listening to the birds above us. It reminded me of how far removed I am from the natural world. Yes, we have a house with a garden and there are plenty of parks and trees throughout the city. There is green stuff. But wandering through an old forest makes me feel like there is something big missing from daily life. A missed connection. The smell of earth and rain, the deep lungfulls of clean, cool air, the sound of a creek nearby and the shafts of sunlight filtering through trees... all of it makes the rest of the world seem like a distant memory. It made me realise I would be back for more very soon. And often.