Hello Friday

Bubbles. film, self developed.

So technically it's Saturday morning here and I'm posting this a little late. Let's let that slide yes? I'm looking forward to a somewhat relaxing weekend after a full, busy week. But what a great week. I've recently taken the plunge into self employment as a designer, and couldn't be happier. If anything, the workload is bigger and the hours are longer, but the satisfaction is so much greater and I have a few exciting projects underway. 

It's a little scary to not have the security of a regular salary payment, I must admit. But overshadowing that is inspiration and excitement, in huge doses. "They" say change is as good as a holiday, I think "they" may have been right.

This week: 

+ I managed to squeeze in a trip to the local aquarium for this project which will be exhibiting here next month (more on that soon).

+ There was quality time in the darkroom and lots and lots of negative scanning.

+ This post has me inspired to renovate my studio space, as I'm sure it has for many designers. And Daniel is very right about Jessica Hische's site. Rather splendid indeed. 

+ I could have watched this for hours.

+ This furry little lady has me thinking of what fabric to recover that couch in. I'm thinking tweed...

+ I added this to my list of Things to Make Soon. 

+ This book arrived in the mail to show me how fantastically talented Kramer O'Neill is. I'll be impatiently waiting on my copy of this too.


Happy weekend!