Adventure in the Gardens

It must have been a little while ago now that Michelle, Little D and me spent a day wondering the Botanic Gardens. I was kind of disgusted at myself for never having been there before, I really have no excuse. But we had a wonderful afternoon exploring the exhibits and helping Little D discover new shapes and smells and textures.

As we were leaving there was (of course) the most amazing afternoon light, backed by equally amazing stormy skies. To get to the front gate we had to walk through the "Scented Plants" section, and it was as we were passing through it that a sun shower started. Now please stop and imagine this: You are standing in a garden of Lavender with the sun on your shoulders. Cool rain is stirring the garden and the smells of peppermint, sage, and something you know but can't quite remember are filling your head. Is it that cinnamon tree? Maybe. You can definitely smell Guava...

We swore to return at the same time another day with cameras, more film and more friends in tow.