Home, a long way from home

Gulls on a favorite beach / Leah and the Pacific / On the way to Point Reyes / Leah and Caleb

A couple of days ago a dear friend asked me to give her some travel advice for San Francisco. Could I give them a list of things to see and do? Of course. I started making a mental list of all the creative, fun things and wonderful discoveries. Places and things I know she will love. But it made me think of what I loved most about my time there. It wasn't just the fun things and adventures, it was time spent feeling at home in a faraway place.

Back in November I crossed the pacific again. Arriving and meeting my best friend at the SFO airport and walking through the front door of her home in Berkeley felt like... coming home. We spent the next month hanging out, I met some fantastic people and laughed harder than I can remember. 

I miss the cool air, working side-by-side with Leah in cozy cafes, that laughter, wandering farmer's markets, walking the Berkeley hills on cold evenings, hot apple cider on the big cozy couch by the fire, and most of all, the company of that lady up there. It's an endless list and nothing I can really put on a To Do travel list for my friend.

It seems crazy that I still have rolls of film to develop from that month. Either life grabbed hold tight and kept me busy on return, or somewhere along the line I learned patience. Most likely the former. For now, these are my favorite Polaroid shots, they make me smile.

Now please excuse me, I have a To Do list to write.