About town

So I've grown to love this phone in my pocket. There was a time when I thought there was no way I would, I was a film only photographer, old school forever. I've learned in recent years that the tools I use are not so important though. Sure, the tones and characteristics of my favorite Kodak film are beautiful and the results from the Hasselblad can still make me weak at the knees. But a great photo is about capturing a moment, not the camera in my hands. And I'm not about to launch into a film vs digital debate here, I'm just enjoying the freedom I've found in not being tied to my tools.

Of course, I'll always shoot with my DSLR and film for professional work, and film will always be a first love. But this? This is perfect for my personal adventures and random happenings. And I'm sure my friends are used to me snapping photos mid-conversation by now, but this must be much less distracting than the old 'blad! It's the spontaneity and discreetness of this little thing that I love. Plus, the editing capabilitities have me charmed too. Especially the new vsco cam and it's subtle film-like effects. 

:: shots above taken with iPhone 4g and vsco cam