Michelle + Dan eloped

I had just skipped over the Pacific Ocean to meet up with Michelle and Dan. The day before had been unusually bright and sunny for Vancouver and we all woke looking optimistically at the sky and weather reports on our phones. We didn't get the sunshine we hoped for, we even got quite wet. But honestly these guys didn't need it, the day was perfect and they did all the shining. Check out the smile on that lady!

We started the day with breakfast at The Red Wagon. Giant piles of Canadian style pancakes, lots of caffeine and some urban exploring. By noon we were on a tiny ferry and making our way to Granville Island for the ceremony. Michelle stopped in at the Public Market for some last minute flowers, we found three perfect yellow roses and lots of marriage advice for the Bride-to-be. 

In the park it started raining softly. Michelle and Dan stood under their tree, oblivious and smiling as they vowed to love each other forever.

They laughed, explored and ate "wedding" cheesecake in the market, cut with a plastic spoon and big grins. Champagne was popped and we toasted under protective trees while little DJ slept beside us.  

Michelle and Dan taught me a perfect wedding isn't always big, conventional or dry. And I learned that taking photos with happy tears in your eyes is kind of tricky.

Thanks M & D. I am the luckiest photographer around. xo