A Special Place

Sometimes the stars align perfectly. And by stars I mean international stopovers. 

On my way from Brisbane to Vancouver I somehow managed a long weekend in San Francisco to visit my best friend. Mostly, we just hung out as we never get to. I was reminded how wide the Pacific is and how much I wish we could live closer. But also how precious three days can be. 

We took one sunny day to cruise up the coast to A Special Place. Almost exactly two years had passed since we were last there. Two years, a lifetime and two very different people. 

I sat in a field of daisies, looked across the Pacific and wondered if home was looking back. We laughed until we couldn't breathe, picked berries, and soaked up the sun. With my back to a warm stone I closed my eyes and it was anything but dark.

Here is a little slice of A Special Place.

See you soon. xox