Josie, Caelun + Frank

Josie is a talented local photographer, who recently she asked me to bust out the film cameras and tell her story. So I did, and it was awesome. We spent a fun afternoon taking some portraits of her and her son Caelun at home, and soon after I spent another afternoon romping through beautiful paddocks with Josie and her beagle, Crazy Frank.

Film will forever make my heart skip a beat. It's depth, character and soul are beautiful, and I do so love the "k-thunk" of the hasselblad shutter. 

Thanks, Josie. For letting me run wild with film cameras and for being all kinds of wonderful. x

(Gear notes below for the nerds like me)

And then there was paddock romping and fun times with Frank...

Hasselblad 500cm + Portra 400 - Mamiya 645 Pro + HP5 + Portra 800 - Polaroid Auto 100 + Fuji 3000b
Most colour photos in 2nd gallery are digital, because Frank moves like a speeding bullet.