Claire + John // Murwillumbah wedding

Murwillumbah is a special place. Rolling green hills, pastureland and happy cows make it feel like a slice of English countryside… except the air is filled with tropical bird calls. Rainforest, palm trees and roadside pineapple stands are a reminder of where you really are.

This is where Claire and John were married. At the most excellent Mavis’s Kitchen, tucked in a little valley complete with a quiet creek and rather spectacular vegetable garden, they prepared for the day ahead in the company of all their favourite people.

Often I’m left in awe at the way people let me in, and of the privilege I have recording their lives and relationships. This whole day left me in awe like that. Claire and John let me all the way in, and shared their wonderful selves, their love and their souls with everyone around them. To be a part of that I'll be forever grateful.

When they looked at each other, the world stopped and hearts overflowed...