Ingrid, Peter + Molly

Molly was so timid when we approached the dog park. As big as she is, those other dogs must have seemed much bigger. We slipped through the gate quietly, Ingrid and Peter gently encouraged her. As a boisterous German Shepard bounded up to us—sloppy ball in mouth—she ducked behind Ingrid’s skirt with brown eyes big and shiny. Before we knew it though, I was watching Ingrid and Peter laugh as she raced alongside the other dogs. Her tongue hanging from a huge doggy grin. 

Most people who follow me can probably tell how much I enjoy photographing people with their furry family members. I’ll always love capturing the special connection between people, but the connection with the animals in their lives fascinates me too. I love it. If our lives were a tapestry then they would be the brightly coloured threads running through it, making it richer. 

Next year I’ll have the pleasure of photographing Ingrid and Peter’s wedding. For now it was wonderful to catch up with them, make friends and capture them enjoying one of the last warm Brisbane evenings of the year.

Come for a walk in the park with Ingrid, Peter and Molly...