Louise + Renan // Perth wedding

You would never have guessed that the day before their Perth wedding, Louise & Renan changed their venue. With dangerous, fast moving bushfires just a few kilometres from their dream location, these two scrambled to find a safe alternative at the last minute. And Fairbridge Village came to the rescue, turning out to be a perfect spot for their wedding! With friends and family to help out and a whole lot of hard work, their DIY plans came to life in a new place just in time. 

One of the things I love about weddings, is seeing couples do things their own way. In place of a first dance? Louise & Renan sang a beautiful song they wrote together. And just when everyone had run out of tissues, Louise made an announcement: She had spent the past 6 months learning how to play piano, so she could play a favourite song for Ren. 

Surrounded by their favourite people, these two made the day their own, and partied into the night. Here is their story…