Hi there!

Take a little time to fill out this questionnaire. Everything you add here will help me put together a photography schedule for your day, as well as capture any details that may be particularly special to you.

If you would like any advice on scheduling times for the day I'm always happy help and will be as involved as you want me to be. So give me a call on 0403827340 or send me an email any time.

Before you start, have ready all the names and contact details that you need. And do feel free to submit this form as many times as you like to update information too. For anything that's not listed here, please add what you like to the last box below. x Ash

I would love to know their names and roles. If you have a key person helping you their mobile number would also be great.
(Besides awesome, of course!)
Address and/or property location. Any special plans for the morning?
Address and/or property location. Any special plans for the morning?
A contact name and email is great.
Key contact name, email and phone number will help me coordinate with them on the day.
Is there anything special about the venue that you would like me to know?
Address and location on the property. Please feel free to add any special details about your ceremony here too.
A name and contact details will help me coordinate with them if needed.
If you would like family group photos we need to allocate some time for them. It helps to have a list of names for each group. For up to 6 groups allow 20 mins.
address and/or property location
If there's anything else you would like to tell me about yourselves and your plans, please feel free to add anything. The more I know the better!